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It was a deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit, looking for a life that has a purpose that keeps us motivated, and enables us to reach our full potential. Therefore, we decided to quit traditional 8-5 job, since we are an employed engineers since graduation.

In 2005 was our first experience in entrepreneurship, we established Furat Eagle General Contracting & Transportation, at that time we were capable to accomplished construction of a small number of villas and do transportation works.

A few years later, our dreams was still in evolution towards clear goal therefore, we decided in 2013 to take further step by performing partnership with Optic General Contracting Company. In this era, we widen our works to include some specialty woks related to sewer works and storm water works in the addition to construction of villas.
In 2018 Marmaroon Company founded and built on exceptional people, a commitment to service excellence, our dream was establishing specialized company that focus in sewer works and storm water where For more than 20 years our adventurous spirit has driven us to do things better and drive change through our industry and we can deploy our experience in infrastructure works. Therefore, we do acquisition to Marmaroon Company which has experience in infrastructure  works since 2015 such as:


We’re living in a world that’s developing fast. To solve these challenges, we must look at solutions from all angles, innovating together to identify the best course of action.

Our people give us that perspective, with their experience, confidence, drive and commitment to always go the extra mile. Together we strive to build more efficiently, more sustainably, more intelligently and more economically – to create cities and communities that don’t just function, but inspire. Living on, long after they’re delivered.

1- Sewerage networks including: manholes and pipes.

2- Storm water networks  including : Casting all type of storm water unites:

Inlet, catch basin , manhole, Oil trap , Oil interceptor , Out fall, Gully trap and  all type of pipes

3- Telephone civil works ( pipes & manholes )

4- Traffic signals  civil works ( pipes & manholes )

5- MCC civil works ( pipes & manholes )

6- Lowering & raising all types of manholes (sewer, storm water, telephone, Traffic Signal, MCC, Irrigation.....)

7- Relocation of all existing services (Sewer, Storm Water, ….)

8- Handing Over all sewer network snags to ADSSC.

9- All kinds of future Ducts ( Sewer, Storm Water, Irrigation, Water, Telephone, Electrical, Street Lights, MCC,  Fiber Optic, traffic signals...)

10- All  types  of  Civil works

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